A Real Scientist Critiques Lifewave & David Schmidt
Dr. Brendan Howlin
Senior Lecturer (Inorganic and Computational Chemistry)

David Schmidt - Lifewave Inventor
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Previous MLMs: BioForce and Vitagenix
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Dr Brendan Howlin - University of Surrey
Dr Brendan J.Howlin joined the University of Surrey in September 1987 to teach on the new computer aided chemistry degree course. He currently teaches visual basic, molecular modelling and inorganic chemistry.
He graduated with BSc and PhD from the University of Essex, having studied the inorganic chemistry of microbial iron transport compounds, using Mossbauer spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography. He also carried out postdoctoral pharmaceutical and protein modelling studies at Birkbeck College in the University of London and Pfizer Ltd.
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Who Would You Believe?

David Schmidt claims to have invented a revolutionary non-transdermal patch that - if it really works as claimed - will impact the health and wellness industry around the world in a way that has not been seen since the discovery of soap and water. He has marketed this Lifewave patch for four years now in three different MLM programs (two of which have already failed) and only recently decided that he might want to patent this amazing device.

Part of any professional due diligence includes looking into the background and history of the inventor to establish and validate his credentials and reputation. This has been difficult to do in the case of Mr. Schmidt, because no information is forthcoming. He has no curriculum vitae, no university degrees, no scientific experience and virtually no history whatsoever - he's the "Invisible Man".

He has nevertheless published information regarding his patches on the Lifewave corporate web site. We found his theories and explanations confusing and convoluted, loaded with a lot of ten dollar words and a hodgepodge of New Age concepts borrowed from a variety of scientific fields.

But we have the same educational background as David Schmidt apparently does - none. So we sought out a real professor and an expert in this field to review and critique David Schmidt's theories.

Dr Brendan Howlin

Dr. Howlin is a genuine scientist and professor with a public curriculum vitae, peer reviewed publications, documented research and experience, numerous university degrees and college level teaching experience. Let's see what he thinks of the science behind the Lifewave patches:


How does the LifeWave™ technology work? The LifeWave™ concept is based on the principle that the atom proton energy (this means nothing, why protons, what energy?) associated with human thermomagnetic fields (magnetic fields generated from heat? normally from electrons) are capable of interacting with passive orthomolecular (don't understand this word, ortho to what?) organic materials so long as these materials are arranged parallel to the plane of rotation (what plane of rotation not protons certainly) , with this arrangement inducing electron flow due to well known and long established electromotive principles. It is well known in conventional industrial electrical generators and alternators that electricity is produced as a result of the relative rotation of magnetic fields in the presence of a conductor such as copper wire (this is true but not linked to the previous statement) . In the LifeWave™ technology and device, the human body provides both the oscillating thermomagnetic field (now this field is oscillating as well?) as well as the conductive media (electrolytes) (electricity is generated by nerve conduction in bodies which are not wires) , with the LifeWave™ device passively interacting with this thermomagnetic field (in the statement above it requires rotation to do this, is the oscillation of the field sufficient? and the field is presumably generated by the nerve conduction so there is no rotation) so as to induce electron flow in the conductive media through field shaping and resonance feedback effects (these two sets of words are undefined here, shaping of what field and resonance with what and feedback with what?) .

Recently, work performed in the field of thermally induced quantum tunneling effects have yielded devices capable of thermionic emission at a scale of only 20 nanometers. In these devices, electron or ion emission are due to the temperature of the emitter, with the rate of emission increasing rapidly with a resultant increase in temperature (this is true quantum field efffect tansmitters are known but are very small scale) . These devices in part mimic conditions existing at the microscopic level in human beings (where is the evidence for this?, an unsubstantiated statement) . In addition, work performed by Brownridge (reference?) has demonstrated in the laboratory that either thermal gradients or static thermal conditions are capable of inducing potential gradients in certain crystalline organic materials where the enharmonic (this is not a real word) ionic vibrations (what vibrations? are these solid state phonons?, if thermal then they are infra-red vibrations ) of these materials lack a center of symmetry (the materials or the crystal?) and as a result produce crystalline polarization (I think this is a poorly worded reference to a piezoelectric effect which is not produced by thermal energy) . Again, these systems for producing electron flow and potential are present at the microscopic level in human beings (unsubstantiated statement, where is the evidence for this? Human beings cannot in any way be considered to be ionic crystals!!!).

It is well known that hemoglobin is the Iron-containing pigment of the red blood cells. Its function is to carry Oxygen from the lungs to the tissues (true) . It is also well known that collagen is a Copper containing (collagen is a triple helical protein ,it does not contain copper) , fibrous insoluble protein in the connective tissue, including skin, bone, ligaments and cartilage. In addition, human beings possess a natural temperature differential from the core to the extremities (also true, this is homeostasis) .

In physics, the Seebeck effect describes a phenomena in which when a system consists of two metals (such as Iron and Copper (two metals in intimate contact in the solid metallic state not dissolute and surrounded by protein, water, etc) ), with one metal at a higher temperature than the other, a current flows in the system (not aware of this but can be checked) . The Thomson thermoelectric effect is the designation of the potential gradient along a conductor which accompanies a temperature gradient. The thermomagnetic phenomena arises in that the thermoelectric and thermomagnetic power is measured by the electromotive force produced by the unit difference of temperature, in this case the temperature differential from the core to the extremities (this is probably also true but what is the scale of this effect and what materials does it work in?) . In short, all of the conditions necessary for human beings to produce thermomagnetic fields and electron flow are present in humans (not a conclusion that can be drawn from an erroneous statement).

The LifeWave™ technology is a passive device, constructed in a new and proprietary process-construction of safe and beneficial orthomolecular organic compounds for the purpose of improving human performance through the interaction of the device with the human thermomagnetic field, with it being believed (this is the crux, it is a matter of belief not science!) by LifeWave™ that said interaction of the LifeWave™ device with the individual induces an electron flow in the individual. This interaction is not unlike the effect that occurs in an electrical generator in which electricity is produced from moving magnets or magnetic fields (this is therefore dogma and not science, i.e. a matter of opinion) . In humans, the increase in electron flow (again what electron flow?) has numerous demonstrable benefits such as an immediate and measurable increase in physical strength, and improved stamina (where is the evidence for this or is this also a matter of belief?) .

Who Would You Believe?