Iron Man
Sagi Kalev
Signs a Three Year Contract With Lifewave

Lifewave Endorsements

And you thought Ronnie Coleman, Richard Quick and all of the other Lifewave patch endorsements were simply sincere testimonials based on nothing more than their personal experiences with David Schmidt's "software for the human body"?

Not likely.

Here is the latest big-muscled endorsement by Iron Man Sagi Kalev. Perhaps Sagi was so blown away by the results he got when using Lifewave patches that he just had to help spread the word! Here's how he describes it:

"The patches work. It's not like taking ephedra or caffeine. It's more about what you don't feel than what you do feel."

Nothing like really getting behind a product, eh? And now that he's on the payroll at Lifewave, who will he be working with?

"Other bodybuilders that Lifewave chose to represent their product are Ronnie Coleman and Monica Brant."