Randy Allen - The Richest Guy in MLM?
How Much Money Has Eniva Paid Their Top Executive national Director?
2004 - 2006

Setting All-Time Records In MLM Commissions
But is his income representative of what an average Eniva affiliate can expect to earn?

Getting an accurate estimate of Eniva Executive National Director Randy Allen's income ain't easy, but all of the public evidence available to us indicates it is astronomical. Congratulations, Randy!

Why is this any of our concern? Network marketing precedent has show that many less scrupulous companies will often advertise and brag about unbelievable incomes and try to give people the impression that just about anybody who joins the company is likely to realize this same level of success. This is why the following rules were established by the FTC:

FTC & Earnings Claims
"(Companies) should be allowed to make a wide variety of simple, truthful, non-deceptive statements concerning the earnings of their distributors. At the same time, they must be prevented from bandying about high earnings achieved by a minority of purchasers with no indication of the unrepresentativeness of such earnings. If respondents lack evidence that the high reported earnings of a few distributors are in fact representative of the earnings of large numbers of other distributors, then it is clearly deceptive for them to portray the minority results reported to them without a clear indication of their unrepresentativeness."


[Picture] Some of these rules require that any such income claims be accompanied by appropriate financial records:
"(Companies) must maintain records which substantiate that any past or present sales, profits, or earnings represented are accurate. Where ranges of sales, profits, or earnings are represented, such records shall be sufficient to substantiate the number of purchasers achieving results within any stated range and the time period during which such results were achieved. Where average or median figures are represented, such records shall be sufficient to substantiate that such median or average figures are accurate.

While the WWSN is quite confident that such records are kept by the Eniva Corporation, they are not going to show them to us, and so we began our own investigation, curious to learn how it is that National ED Randy Allen generates more personal monthly GNP than most third world nations do in a year.

Our Sources

NMBJ.com a.k.a. MoneyLosersMonthly.com

Our first source is the ever-reliable Keith Laggos, publisher of MoneyMakersMonthly.com - recently convicted of SEC violations - who sells feature stories to people, MLM companies and MLM products, which are published in his vanity advertising rag for up to $25,000 per story.

Randy Allen apparently purchased a headline position as the "Product of the Month" and wrote about himself:

"Allen could buy four Cadillac Escalades per month and 10 people on his team could buy a Cadillac Escalade every other month after joining Eniva within the last two years. Fifty-five people in my organization are driving new cars through the company's car bonus program," Allen told Network Marketing Business Journal (NMBJ). "Everyone I know in Eniva is successful," he said.

Randy Allen & the Escalade Parade!

Based on Randy's information about himself, his monthly income would have to be at least $221,600 and $2,659,200 per year (average retail price for a stock Escalade SUV is $55,400 each).

The first photos of Randy proudly hoisting skyward humongous checks appeared on the Internet in 2004, where Randy is shown displaying a four foot long commission check he received for $45,059.59 along with a $2,500 bonus check he received for "Top Sales".

He also received a signature 10K gold, diamond-studded ring in 2004 as Eniva's very first "Executive National Director", he shared a portion of the $33,791.19 "AM Builder Bonus" award along with a giant four-figure check as a "Top AM Builder Bonus Award Winner". He was also in the first group of Eniva distributors to receive the "First Car Bonus Achievers":

2004 RM Conference
While 2004 was phenomenal for Randy Allen, 2005 promised so much more and associates were already using him as the Eniva Poster Boy, claiming a passive income of at least $400,000 per month or $4.8 million dollars per year.

2005 Source: Dr. Calima.com

OUR UPLINE: Randy Allen
Current Eniva Position: Executive National Director
Current Passive Income: $400,000/month
Free Car Bonus: Cadillac Escalade

He also shared a large portion of an "Executive National Director Bonus Pool" worth $37,473.67! (Click on photo for web site source)

The Bigger-Than-Life checks really began to arrive in '05! At the 2005 "Reach For the Star" Conference, in addition to his phenomenal monthly income and bonuses, Executive National Director Randy Allen garnered $15,000 for "Person of the Year", and walked away with a commission check for $60,108.00!

It was also the start of an exciting Hollywood career for Randy, winning him several 24 kt gold “Reach for the Stars” Oscars from Eniva for his roles in movies such as "ORACbusters", in which Randy and his downline used SuperSoakers loaded with Vibe to do battle with Free Radicals and Antioxidant Terrorists on a suicide mission to spread cancer throughout the Free World. This was followed by a starring role as "Randy Powers - International MLM Man of Mystery" which featured Randy and his Eniva army of Escalade-driving warriors pursuing Dr. Evil (portrayed brilliantly by SEC criminal Keith Laggos) bent on stealing Randy's "Mojo" (Vibe) and demanding a ransom for its safe return.

Randy Allen's greatest role was yet to come, though, and starring in "Vibe Drinking Power Rangers", he and top Eniva Executive National Directors combined the power of their signature 10K gold, diamond-studded rings to become the "Eniva Power Rangers"!
Randy Allen was just warming up, though and in 2006 the billboard six-figure checks just kept on coming. His Eniva income for the month of January alone topped more than $205,081 and in April he was paid another $357,926.69. This drew the attention of several attractive Eniva affiliates along with numerous proposals of marriage!

So Just How Rich IS Executive National Director Randy Allen?
Let's Run the Numbers (and Hope the IRS is Paying Attention!)

According the Randy's self-authored original story in NMBJ.com, Eniva sources, Vibe corporate web sites, online images, conventions and marketing event recaps and company promotions, Randy Allen could very well be the wealthiest guy in Multi-Level Marketing today. Since 2004, Randy has so far earned:

Statements in NMBJ.com article $2,659,200 per year
2004 Commissions $45,059.59
2004 Bonus $2,500.00
2004 END Ring (estimated value) $2,000.00
Portions of 2004 END Bonus Pool (estimated) $3,300.00
2004 First Car Bonus Achiever (Two estimated) $3,800.00
2005 Executive National Director Bonus Pool (estimated) $14,000.00
Estimated 2005 Monthly Passive Income $400,000.00
2005 Free Care Bonus (Cadillac Escalade) $55,400.00
2005 "Person of the Year" Award $15,000.00
2005 January Commissions $60,108.00
2005 Movie Residuals from "ORACbusters" Unknown
2005 Movie Residuals from "MLM Man of Mystery" Unknown
2005 Movie, Cartoon & Happy Meal Residuals from "Eniva Power Rangers" Franchise Unknown
1/22/06 Sales Commissions $205,081.92
4/22/06 Sales Commissions $357,926.69
Total Three Year Eniva Income Estimate: $13,023,376.00

Congratulations once again to the amazing Randy Allen. We can only hope that
the FTC and the IRS contact you with congratulatory messages of their own!