Attending the Lifewave Las Vegas 911 Show? Don't Go Without the
Lifewave Due Diligence Worksheet
Honest Network Marketers

Most of the people who choose to get involved in network marketing are honest, ethical, and intelligent people who are self-motivated and willing to work hard for a good company with a high quality product line. So why do 95% of all MLM companies fail in their first year (according to Rod Cook at MLMWatchdog.com) and why do so many good people get taken to the cleaners by charismatic con men selling fraudulent products?


Reading through company promotional materials, corporate documents, and affiliate testimonials does not constitute "due diligence" - it's indoctrination. If you are serious about being a professional network marketer, you must ask the obvious questions and challenge your company and its products the way you would ANY other investment of your time, money, efforts and emotions.

This is all that the WWSN does. You can and should do the same - and we're here to help. As you head for Las Vegas and the Lifewave 911 Show, we recommend that you print out this page of due diligence questions and take it with you. Present it to the various doctors and scientists who have endorsed David Schmidt and his magic patches and ask for answers.

David Schmidt agreed in advance to answer some of these same questions more than 189 days ago, but no answers have been forthcoming. Maybe you'll have better luck than we did.

1. David Schmidt's Curriculum Vitae

May we please see a curriculum vitae for David Schmitt?

For those of you who may not be familiar with a curriculum vitae, here is an example of a CV for Dr. Steven Haltiwanger, that documents his educational background, teaching appointments, research training, research grants, honors and awards, research experience, committees & appointments, and publications in peer reviewed journals. This information is vital in establishing credibility in their respective fields.

It is appropriate and professional to request a similar document for his boss, the President of Lifewave and inventor of the Lifewave patch, David Schmidt. The little information about his background and history that has been made public, has been revealed as inaccurate, misleading and sometimes just plain false.

2. Lifewave and Nanotechnology

Lifewave defines nanotechnology and describes their application of this emerging science in the manufacture of the Lifewave patches in this way:

Nanotechnology is described as "Manufactured products that are made from atoms. The properties of those products depend on how those atoms are arranged. If we rearrange the atoms in coal we can make diamonds. If we rearrange the atoms in sand we can make computer chips. If we rearrange the atoms in dirt, water and air we can make potatoes.

The Lifewave patches use nanotechnology with all natural ingredients to create a product that communicates with the user's body to improve energy without stimulants. A new, non-transdermal patch technology that passively communicates with the human body to improve energy, stamina, well being and performance. the Lifewave patches are created with Nanotechnology, a new science being studied and utilized by companies around the world.

Nothing enters the body (non-transdermal)
[Picture]- Patches use new nanotechnology structures
[Picture]- Energy transfer occurs between you and patches
[Picture]- Patches "transmit" instructions "make energy

All Lifewave Technology products contain:
[Picture]- Nanotechnology structures made from water, Oxygen, amino acids and all natural organics

And yet, in the entire Lifewave Patent Application (containing 19,102 words) there is not even one mention nanotechnology.

Please explain the numerous references to "nanotechnology", "Organic Nano-Antennas" and "nanotechnology structures" on the corporate web site and the glaring absence of any nanotechnology references or terms in the Lifewave patent application. Lifewave.com claims that:

"LifeWave is the world leader in the emerging field of organically constructed nano-antennas for the passive frequency modulation of the human magnetic field."

As a world leader, you would expect the company to include this important aspect of their research in the patent application. All of their corporate web site data presents nanotechnology as a critical and integral part of their design and manufacturing process. Why wouldn't they want to protect this vital technology?

3. Simplistic Definitions and Explanations

In our earlier correspondence with David Schmitt, we expressed concern for the simplistic way in which they presented definitions of important terms and the explanations of how the patch works. Their web site definition of "nanotechnology" given above is inaccurate, incomplete, and wrong. One description given for how the patches work states:

Communicate with your body!

Here is another way to think about it. Cell phones use wireless communication. If you want to call a friend, you dial their number, then talk. What's happening?

The radio signal sent out from your phone is an electro-magnetic vibration. When you dial your friend's number, you get connected to his phone because your cell phone's radio frequency "vibrates" in a manner and in a language that the cell tower can understand. Your specific communications, (your friend's number, then your voice), is carried by the vibrating radio waves.

The Lifewave patches are like wireless communication. They call your body up and talk. The energy patch says "more energy, please."

The public presentation of their flagship product and the Lifewave MLM program often appears to be designed for third graders, rather than educated and intelligent Internet consumers. When asked about this, David Schmitt told us:

"According to the FTC, we are required by law to have on our website explanations of our product that can be understood by the general public; this means that the explanations have to be so simplistic that a 3rd grader can understand them, thus the reason for the cell phone analogy and the over simplification of terms." - David Schmitt

Would someone at Lifewave.com please direct us to the applicable law or FTC requirement that mandates this sort of elementary presentation?

4. Lifewave Promotional Video

In a video that David Jumper recommended we view, a Lifewave associate is demonstrating how the patches work.

In the video, the Lifewave associate goes on to state that:

"Our body is magnetic, it works off of magnetic, it's electrical, our whole body system is electrical. And the cell phone breaks the electrical circuit of the body, and the patches, what the patches do, you put the patches up there, it reconnects the circuit and makes the body strong again. So that's just kinda proof that Lifewave patches really do work."

Could you please provide scientific documentation that will validate this claim that a cell phone "breaks the electrical circuit of the body"? Their demonstration appears to work, so there just might be some truth to it, but we have never heard of this phenomena.

5. The Application of the Lifewave Patches

More interesting still is this Lifewave affiliate's demonstration of the application of the patches in his promotional video. He shows through the use of a volunteer, a cell phone, and two Lifewave patches that simply holding two Lifewave patches next to the cell phone "reconnects the circuit and makes the body strong again.

Our understanding up until this time was that the Lifewave patches must be placed directly on the skin over an acupuncture meridian point. How does holding two patches in front of a cell phone that is over a shirt on a random position on the chest of his assistant work?

6. Lifewave Patches and Cell Phones

How could Lifewave patches have any effect on or interaction with a cell phone, since the patches are specifically designed to resonate at the precise frequency of the molecules associated with "instructing the body to transport fats to the mitochondria for ATP production"?

Lifewave patches have no energy source, they are passive, and are intentionally designed to only respond to a specific resonant frequency present in the human body's EMF (electro-magnetic field). Do Lifewave patches function independent of the human body? Are they capable of interacting, affecting and communicating with devices such as a cell phone?

7. The Lifewave Patent Application

Marketing the Lifewave patch with only the protection of a "Patent Pending" is risky, at best. Aside from attorney's fees, the cost to file for the patent application is only $75.

With new "patches" appearing on the MLM market all the time, Lifewave should have acquired a real patent before proceeding to market the product. Even though proof of efficacy is not required, the patent itself could yet be denied for many reasons.

If this was just a new version of a multivitamin, the risks would be minimal.

But the Lifewave patch science and product claims are far beyond anything else currently available on this planet and will be worth many billions of dollars. Rushing ahead to market the patches without a formal patent is unbelievably shortsighted and does not indicate good legal advice or common sense. Why was Lifewave willing to risk so much just to enter the network marketing arena? The Lifewave company will be bigger than Microsoft. Would Bill Gates have launched his company and his product without complete Patent protection?

8. The "Rest Quiet" Patch

Lifewave affiliate and investor Marvin Barre maintains a web site called "RestQuiet" on which he markets a product that uses Lifewave technology which "induces you into a deep rest by means of a persistent stimulation of the bodies own natural acupuncture meridians."

The RestQuiet patch contains the LifeWave technology. The materials in the patches consist of a patent pending blend of water, stabilized oxygen and amino acids. We believe the patches work as follows:

The RestQuiet Patch system is the newest product of modern science applied to ancient oriental medicine that induces you into a deep rest by means of a persistent stimulation of the bodies own natural acupuncture meridians.
RestQuiet - New Technology

Up until a few weeks ago, Mr. Barre's web site said this on that very same page:

LifeWave Products is the world leader in the emerging field of organically constructed nano-antennas for the passive frequency modulation of the human magnetic field. These antennas, when properly constructed, are capable of passively modulating the human magnetic field for the purpose of transmitting information to the human body.

The RestQuiet patch contains the LifeWave technology. The materials in the patches consist of a patent pending blend of water, stabilized oxygen and amino acids. These materials are then applied to a substrate so as to form a nano-scale organic antenna.

When properly assembled, these LifeWave antennas are capable of passively communicating with the user to instruct your brain to open up your breathing passages, relax your thought process and release tension throughout your body thereby allowing you a quiet nights sleep.

The RestQuiet Patch system is the newest product of modern science applied to ancient oriental medicine that induces you into a deep rest by means of a persistent stimulation of the bodies own natural acupuncture meridians.

It was then edited to say this:

We can now prove using FDA equipment that the LifeWave patches increase Oxygen uptake in the body.

It is well known that elevated levels of Oxygen promote a restfull nights sleep.

"The Rest Quiet patch helps to promote a peaceful nights sleep through this mechanism or similar.


This top Lifewave affiliate's web site now states that:

Rest Quiet™, which contains organic crystals, works in a similar fashion to quartz crystals in balancing the body. Quartz crystals will vibrate at a rate that varies with temperature, producing a magnetic flux that transmits a signal. Humans have used various types of crystals for thousands of years. In ancient cultures crystals were coveted as sacred stones and attributed with many magical powers. It is from these beliefs that the idea that crystals may be used to balance the body came about came about. Current knowledge of the affects of minerals and the vibration of transmissions on the body does much to reinforce the validity of the use of various types of crystals to support health. Even with our advanced technology, scientists are still discovering the importance of previously ignored or unknown trace minerals in maintaining health. It should be no surprise, then, that a crystal or more important, frequencies properly selected, may be a very bona fide health agent.

The Rest Quiet™ patch materially consists of an organic crystalline substrate sandwiched sealed between two layers of film. The substrate contains a patent pending formula which produces transmissions that interacts with the cells own natural transmissions. The Rest Quiet™ patch is in a neutral state (not active) until it comes within a few inches from the body and at that point, it starts its interaction.

The Rest Quiet™ patch is designed to harmonize cells in the human body that affect sleep. The Rest Quiet™ patch presents energizing transmissions. These transmissions are delivered to the cellular structure and cellular systems of the body.

The Story Behind Rest Quiet

Please describe what type of "organic crystals" are in Lifewave patches and how the "formula produces transmissions that interacts with the cells own natural transmissions". We were led to believe that the patches themselves and their ingredients were inert, but apparently the "RestQuiet" patch "is in a neutral state (not active) until it comes within a few inches from the body and at that point, it starts its interaction." Please describe some of the mechanics involved in changing the RestQuiet patch from its "neutral state" to its activated state.

They supposedly cure snoring, too.

"The PATCH is wonderful. It is almost a miracle that one white "patch" on your right temple actually stops you from snoring. Not only does it insure you a restful nights sleep, without the snorts that can wake you up, but it enables couples to sleep together."

RestQuiet - Testimonials

How does the Lifewave patch enhance energy, stamina and performance one time and then "induces you into a deep rest by means of a persistent stimulation of the bodies own natural acupuncture meridians" the next? How do the RestQuiet patches work to stop snoring using just one white patch on your right temple? Our understanding was that two patches were always recommended and that they must be placed on acupuncture meridian points. Is the "right temple" a meridian point?

9. Lifewave Patch "Activation"

Dr. Haltiwanger wrote:

"The patches are activated by electromagnetic fields emitted by the human body." and "It is not heat that is the activator of the patches it is the resonant electric and magnetic frequencies emitted by the human body."

And yet Lifewave has stated that:

"The patches activate with body heat and last 12 hours. Subjecting the patches to heat or carrying them in your pocket will activate them."

What is the best way to store the patches?

The patches should be stored in a cool, dry place. DO NOT store patches in your wallet, pocketbook, your car or any other area that could become warm. The contents of the patches are 100% organic so they activate with warmth/heat. They must be stored properly.

Keep the patches away from the microwave, your computer, x-ray equipment and all sources of heat.

Which statement is correct and why is there such an obvious contradiction?

10. Resonant Energy Transfer

Dr. Haltiwanger also says:

"The materials that compose the molecular antennas in the patches are composed of organic molecules that are naturally found in the human body."

If the organic molecules that compose the molecular antennas are already naturally found in the human body and already vibrating at their own inherent resonant frequency, how could they impact the identical molecules in the patches, that are also vibrating at their own natural resonant frequency? Using the standard "tuning fork" analogy, if you have two identical tuning forks and they are both vibrating independently, bringing them close to one another will not change anything. Perhaps a very large tuning fork could influence a very small one, but the organic molecules present in both the patches and the human body are identical in size. Last time we checked, individual molecules from identical substances would have identical atomic weight, composition, and size.

"So the patches in a sense are reflecting back into the body only a few selective frequencies out of the broad band of frequencies they are exposed to when placed on the human body."

Specifically, what are those "selective frequencies"? Obviously David Schmidt or others educated in this field must have charted the numerous frequencies that the body is emits in a "wide spectrum of electromagnetic energy". Please list the frequencies that have been charted and how they pertain to various aspects of bodily function.

Since Mr. Schmidt has obviously isolated the frequency that tells the body to create "more energy, please" and is also developing patches to regulate production of serotonin, HGH (per the Lifewave corporate PowerPoint presentation and the current corporate web site "technology" page), collagen, muscle growth and others, he must already know the specific frequencies he will be using to program the Lifewave "software for the human body".

"David Schmidt the inventor designed the patches to operate within infrared wavelengths."

What exactly are the operating frequencies of the patches? How does Mr. Schmidt regulate, specify and control the operational frequency range?

11. How long do the patches work?

How long do the patches work, once they are applied? Lifewave references state that:

"Although the materials in the patches are sealed they are still fragile organic molecules and the molecules will breakdown after about 12 hours of vibration."

"The patches work 100% efficiently for a full 12 hours, but even after 18 hours, they are still at 25% efficacy."

Since the operational lifespan of the patches has been determined to be about 12 hours, tests must have been performed that document this fact. Please describe the tests that were done and present the testing regimen, protocol, procedures and results.

If the organic molecules found in the patches are identical to those found in the human body and both molecules will naturally vibrate and resonate at their own inherent frequency, how does bringing these ALREADY VIBRATING molecules in close proximity to one another cause them to "breakdown" after 12 hours?

Since there is no chemical change within these patches - that are passive and nontransdermal - how is it that the molecules "breakdown" in 12 hours? What do they "breakdown" to? Atomic particles are constantly moving at or near the speed of light - how does this "vibration" effect atoms, electrons, and molecules in such a way that they then "breakdown" after 12 hours? Please describe the chemical and molecular processes that cause the breakdown of these organic molecules and what kind of atoms and molecules result from this process.

11. The JREF $1,000,000 Challenge

Why did Lifewave back out of the $1,000,000 challenge that David Schmidt had originally and publicly accepted? Mr. Schmidt wrote to me:

"Since you indicate that you are willing to correspond with James Randi on our behalf in order to facilitate a testing of LifeWave, and when LifeWave is proven by Mr. Randi to do what we claim we will be awarded a cash payment of $ 1,000,000, we will be happy to accept this challenge"

Dr. Haltiwanger had several objections to participating in the $1,000,000 challenge, a primary one being that:

Mr. Randi's challenge is for paranormal activity. LifeWave is not making any paranormal claims.

James Randi responded, saying:

"If this thing works as claimed, it is paranormal. There is no scientific principle by which it can work, so it is - by definition - paranormal. In any case, we agree to accept it as paranormal for purposes of the challenge, without reservation."

Since David Schmidt is the President of the company and he had already agreed to accept the challenge, why did the company back out?

12. Bio-Magnetic Frequencies and Resonant Energy Transfer

Dr. Haltiwanger wrote:

"The materials in the patches have been specially selected to match the resonant frequency of certain molecules in the body that are involved in burning fats (fat metabolism). So when the patches are used the body will increase its use of fats as an energy source. This translates into more energy, greater stamina and better performance."

The patches themselves have no moving parts or energy source; they are not a variable frequency transmitter or receiver. They simply sit there and hopefully, whatever their innate bio-magnetic frequency is, it will resonate with the one specific molecule it is "programmed" to effect. So how do the patches also do this?

"the patches interact with the body's magnetic field to produce specific bioelectrical frequencies that resonantly transfer energy to turn on certain chemical processes in the body such as accelerating the body's ability to burn fat as a fuel source for energy."

There can be no "interaction"; the patches are passive, inactive, they sit there and do nothing, except to hopefully find a few molecules with an identical frequency they can share vibrations with. There is no transfer of information and though we don't know all of the physics involved, a honey and molasses patch emanating a certain frequency would have to find a molecule with a greater or lesser intensity to have any effect on one or the other. Two tuning forks hit at the same time with the same intensity will not demonstrate any noticeable change - conservation of energy?

So if the LifeWave patch is lucky enough to be placed in proximity with a molecule of the same exact and specific frequency, but of a lesser intensity, we agree the molecule might experience a transfer of some vibrational energy. And this accomplishes - what? In the tuning fork analogy, a similar situation would not have any effect on the weaker fork, except to increase its intensity somewhat. There is no information exchange, the tuning fork does not change properties, etc.

Either Dr. Haltiwanger's explanations are right or they are not. If the patch in passive and simply resonates with molecules with the identical frequency, how does this accomplish so much and effect the human body to its biological core? Exactly what is that specific frequency? What instruments would you use to record and verify the specific frequency that emanates from the patch? They must exist, if Dr. Schmidt was able to identify them at the molecular atomic level. Certainly, this could be duplicated and verified by a third party.

And where does all this come from?

* The unique proprietary mixture of Life Wave technology LIFEWAVE patches forms a matrix antenna/conductor system that acts like a primary coil of a transformer when it interacts with the body's magnetic field.
* The oscillating thermomagnetic field of the body creates magnetic induction where the electrical frequencies generated from the materials in the patch frequency modulate the body's oscillating magnetic field.
* The interaction of the patches with the body's oscillating magnetic field creates local vortexes in the magnetic field over the area where the patches are located. The magnetic field is thus modulated by this interaction with the patches and it acts as an information carrier of a harmonic electrical energy field.

Earlier descriptions of the patch explained its function as simply a "resonating" process that occurs when placed next to molecules of identical frequencies. Now the patch is like a "primary coil of a transformer"? And this creates "local vortexes in the magnetic field"? And it then acts as an "information carrier of a harmonic electrical field"? What interaction and what information? What is one tuning fork telling another tuning fork? And why do all of these "answers" leave us with more questions than we started with?

13. Confused Science

I'm sorry, but this description given by David Schmidt pertaining to "circular polarization of light" relative to the formation of molecular antennas makes no sense. What happened to "resonant energy transfer"? Please elaborate and provide a few outside scientific references.

"With respect to LifeWave, a undisclosed process is used to change the way that chiral materials such as amino acids and sugars interact with light. This is important in that it is well known that the human body emits heat in the infrared band. Instead of light being "bent" to the left or right, the LifeWave patches create the circular polarization of light in either a clock wise or counter-clockwise rotation. This can be verified by a lab that performs microanalytical work. These materials (process altered formulations) are then applied to a substrate so as to form molecular antennas. That is why we use the term nanotechnology, because the properties of the materials have been altered, and the materials behave in a very different way when applied to a substrate.

14. WWSN Involvement in Studies

David Schmidt had agreed to allow us to be involved in the new studies that were being done. He made the following offer and we formally accepted:

"Dr. Haltiwanger and I will put Bob in touch with the principal investigators of these studies; he can ask them questions with respect to the nature of the tests that will be run, and any initial results that they have obtained; from my point of view I would prefer to start with the researchers that have already obtained the initial results as this will help to settle this matter with him."

Why were we never contacted in this regard? It appeared to be a serious offer when it was made.

15. The Ronnie Coleman Poster

Honestly, people...

Isn't $175.00 for a large poster of 7x Mr. Olympia a bit excessive?

Product: Coleman Poster
Description: Full color 33.5" x 76.8" LifeWave promotional poster featuring the Ronnie Coleman 7x Mr. Olympia. Suitable for use with the optional Poster Stand. Made with 15mil scrim vinyl, these posters are very strong and are wind & tear resistant. Can be used indoors or outdoors.
CV: 0
Price: $175.00