Lifewave's Double-Blind Placebo Controlled Studies
Morehouse College
Joseph A. Goodson MS, ATC
Professional Due Diligence

Part of performing serious and professional due diligence includes validating and verifying professional relationships that are used to establish credibility for a new company with a revolutionary new product such as the Lifewave patch. Since most of Lifewave's credibility is predicated on the results of what they claim to be "Double-Blind Placebo Controlled Studies" at both Troy University and Morehouse College, it is necessary and appropriate to contact both of these prestigious institutions regarding their participation in this important research.

And so we sent the following e-mail to Morehouse College:

Dear Sirs,

We are hearing a lot about Morehouse College and the Lifewave Energy Patch on thousands of Multi Level Marketing web sites and Internet e-mail spam. The Lifewave corporate web site has Morehouse College on prominent display:

A Double-Blind Placebo Controlled Study to Evaluate the Possible Performance Enhancing Effects of the LifeWave™ Technology on a Group of 44 College Athletes Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA


We have a few questions regarding Morehouse College and its participation in these studies, if you don't mind.

Was Joseph A. Goodson MS, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer of Morehouse College, paid for his participation in this study? Were any of the athletes paid for their participation?

Does Morehouse College know that your college, Mr. Goodson, and the student athletes at your college are being used on thousands of Internet MLM web sites for sales and promotional purposes?

Did Coach Goodson file a protocol for this study and obtain prior approval of the college's IRB (Institutional Review Board), which by law must approve all experimentation on human subjects? May we see this application and the IRB's decision?

Thank you. We would appreciate a prompt and thorough response that we may include in our report on this Lifewave energy patch study and its affiliation with Morehouse College.

Robert Burtis
The WorldWide Scam Network

Morehouse College responded with this e-mail:

Mr. Burtis,

I apologize for not getting back last week, but was unexpectedly called from the office. I anticipate that my response will be of a similar nature to Troy University. I called Lifewave but did not receive a call. I will be getting a cease and desist letter immediately.

Karen Miller
VP Administrative Services and General Counsel
Morehouse College

The two primary Lifewave studies - unauthorized by their respective schools, conducted without approval or review by the IRB (Institutional Review Board) as required by law, and disavowed publicly by each institution.

Unauthorized human experimentation on college athletes and students performed by their coaches. How would you feel if you were the parents of a student at one of these schools?

And how much faith should the public have in companies that illegally experiment on college students? And how much credibility or respect do these studies warrant?