Of the Las Vegas Lifewave 911 Show Introducing
Dr. David Kamnitzer
Second in a Series
Let's take a look at the long list of doctors, scientists, and hucksters who made appearances at the 911 Las Vegas Lifewave Show. These are the independent specialists and professionals that were paraded across the Vegas stage to discuss the new research and studies they had completed for Lifewave patches and to give David Schmidt and Lifewave the credibility and respect that has so far eluded this MLM opportunity.

Our second Lifewave endorsement comes from a Dr. David Kamnitzer, a chiropractor in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern San Diego county

Dr. David Kamnitzer - The Patch Doc

Education and Training

Dr. Kamnitzer graduated Valedictorian and Magna cum Laude from Palmer West in 1987. Certified as a Diplomat in Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique in 1993, he combines his strong background in soft tissue work, biofeedback, therapeutic nutrition, breathwork, psychology, and Spirituality, with this highly specialized gentle Chiropractic technique to offer an individualized and integrated approach to patient care.

Professional Focus

Dr. Kamnitzer's professional expertise is in the area of balancing and enhancing the human system at multiple levels: structural, neurological, biochemical, psychological, and spiritual in an integrated fashion. His goal is to help those who are interested and ready to take the next level of responsibility for their health and well-being.

Synergy in Action

Dr. Kamnitzer has written an E-Book, entitled:

Healthy Wealthy and Wise: Powerful Ideas, Practices and Connections for Turbulent Times.

"Over 27 years in development, and over two years in the writing, this inspired work is really three books in one!"

In the introduction of his book, he writes:

"We are living during the final breakdown stage of a patriarchal culture that no longer supports life and Spirit. The feminine or Goddess energy is waxing once again. A more fluid and Heart-Centered culture that acknowledges and respects the importance of Planetary Stewardship and the realms of emotion, art, and community is being birthed, although the womb is necessarily mysterious and hidden from casual view."

"Even our concept of Deity is profoundly influenced by the patriarchy. We need to re-assess our concept of Spirit and align it with the reality of a synergistic balanced blending of Masculine and Feminine energies that make up the 'play' of Life.

Beyond that, the Father Wound is epidemic in our culture. Unconsciously, much of our 'unfinished business' and dysfunction with our earthly fathers is projected onto our masculine concept of Deity, leading to even greater suffering."

A First Look

Dr. Kamnitzer is described as a:

"Lightworker - a healer’s healer, Chiropractor, Clinical Nutritionist, Energy Worker and Entrepreneur."

"Dr. David Kamnitzer is a Chiropractor, Nutritionist, and Stress Management Specialist. He specializes in gentle chiropractic care, combining various forms of soft tissue work with precise manipulative therapy. 'Dr. David' is also a therapeutic nutritionist with over 15 years of clinical experience—assisting people with hormonal balancing, weight management, detoxification strategies, and individualized wellness plans. Dr. David also has a strong background in stress management, receiving his B.A. in Psychology from Sonoma State University, where he studied with Dr. Eleanor Criswell, a leading pioneer in Biofeedback and the psychology of yoga."

He is a staff member of the "Fitness Quest 10" Center for Health and Performance.

Fitness Quest 10

He is also an experienced network marketer, who is or has been involved with:

Affinity Just-2 - M~Water™ Primordial Concentrate

"Achieving the highest level of health is dependent on the hydration of water, which is best achieved from drinking M~Water™ every day."

Sounds just a little like Lifewave's Okalani water or Dr. Haltiwanger's Essential Water doesn't it?


Rain Forest Bio-Energetics



Dr. Kamnitzer discovers Lifewave patches - Possibly The Most Important Health Breakthrough In My Lifetime!"

"To order and/or distribute this product, or for more information, contact Dr. David Kamnitzer at dek2000@sbcglobal.net or at 858-204-3092."

He then declared himself to be - The Patch Doctor

Dr. Kamnitzer was also a guest on the Seeing Beyond with Bonnie Coleen radio show where he talked for an hour on August 23, 2005 about? Lifewave patches.

The Seeing-Beyond Interview

Dr. Kamnitzer's Lifewave Affiliate Site


Dr. Kamnitzer is certainly several steps ahead of Dr. Horowitz and at least avoids issues such as the New World Order and the Global Elite.

Nevertheless, his background includes training in Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique, breathwork, Quantum-Touch healing, Planetary Stewardship, the psychology of yoga, and Biofeedback. He's a prime candidate for the wacky theories of Dr. Haltiwanger and David Schmidt. So it's no surprise that he got involved with Lifewave and registered the domain name of "ThePatchDoctor.com" in November of 2004.

Dr. Kamnitzer is an educated professional who is serious about his desire to help others and has every right to practice any type of healing therapies he wishes. But he is definitely not in the mainstream of modern medicine and does not lend any credibility to either David Schmidt or Lifewave patches.

He has been an active affiliate of Lifewave for almost a year, he is an overactive network marketer, and a New Age doc who gleefully swallows the Lifewave hook, line & sinker - "My cells are tingling!" - and regurgitates the David Schmidt gospel word for word.

His only function at the Las Vegas Lifewave 911 Show?

A Cheerleader for the Church of David Schmidt.