Of the Las Vegas Lifewave 911 Show Introducing
Dr. Leonard Horowitz
First in a Series
Let's take a look at the long list of doctors, scientists, and hucksters who made appearances at the 911 Las Vegas Lifewave Show. These are the independent specialists and professionals that were paraded across the Vegas stage to discuss the new research and studies they had completed for Lifewave patches and to give David Schmidt and Lifewave the credibility and respect that has so far eluded this MLM opportunity.

We'll take them up one at a time, beginning with:

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

Dr. Horowitz has written many books that include:

End Times: Preparedness, Prophecy & Propaganda
Virus Makers of the CIA
Healing Codes For The Biological Apocalypse
DNA Pirates of the Sacred Spiral
Death in the Air
Anthrax, Smallpox, Vaccinations and the Mark of the Beast!
3E Evolutionary Energy Enhancer


Powerful, yet simple in its design and operation, "3E" technology is based on ancient Bible codes and recent discoveries in water science.

Remember the world began when the Creator's "word" acted on water? (That is, sound frequencies based on physics and mathematics were applied to water.)

"3Es" use these same mathematics, harmonics, and geometrics—our Creator's "Perfect Circle of Sound"—to energize water. In this way, you can "program" water with powerful prayerful messages of love, thanks, peace, health, and prosperity.

Numerologically displayed around the circumference of "3E"s are the special sound frequencies of the "ancient Solfeggio"—the original musical scale as revealed in Dr. Horowitz's monumental book, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse. These tones were mathematically derived and used by our Creator to manifest blessings, destroy enemies, and produce miracles! Now you can create your own miracles for the greatest good! Use this technology to prompt personal and global healing.

He also has several interesting web sites. On this one you will find:


NEW WORLD ORDER & GLOBAL ELITE - How the Bush family made its fortune from the Nazis

U.N. World Food and Population - Article connects mass manipulation conducted by Nazis-linked officials on behalf of the Rockefeller family and friends concerned with "population control."

Dr. Horowitz's credibility and stature is enhanced by at least four appearances on the "Coast to Coast AM" radio show, most recently on July 27th where he discussed:

"A 'global elite,' he believes, is working towards reducing the population by using 'non lethal warfare,' that kills people slowly. By enchaining huge numbers of sick people into 'long term pharmaceutical slavery,' they can profit off a population that is gradually being weaned down, he explained."

Coast to Coast AM

(Note to David Schmidt - make an appearance on "Coast to Coast AM" - you'd be a great guest and it IS your target audience!)

He also expressed excitement over a variety of new products and technologies that can enhance health. These include an ointment called Tetrasil that he said 'electrocutes pathogens,' the nutritional product Ambrotose which promotes cellular health, and 3E, a technology he developed to energize water. Horowitz also singled out Lifewave patches that use nanotechnology to increase endurance and Xooma, a product that alkalinizes water. Many of these items are available at Healthy World Distributing.

Dr. Horowitz travels around the world and lectures at many special events such as the Lifewave 911 Show.

"...Horowitz primes the pump, he ups the ante and he basically doesn't care that he presents scientific facts. He told me so at the Total Health 2000 meeting. He is there to pimp for his own company, and for any promoter who will bring him to town.

Scientists ignore him, if they debate him, it will build him up as an evangelical huckster. The only people who love him are talk show hosts and the good people who are so paranoid that they will believe anything that supports their deranged thought processes.

The latest Flim-Flam from Len Horowitz

What is "Healthy World Distributing"?


It's one of Dr. Horowitz's many web sites, where you may purchase Peter Ragner's "Lifewave Phenomenon" book, and read this description of Lifewave patches:

"LIFEWAVE, a most exciting new company that may revolutionize healthcare using nanotechnologically-prepared water patches that are applied to the skin, and that produce non-toxic vibrating frequencies with powerful pharmacological effects without the use of drugs, and without harmful side-effects"

"Water patches" with "powerful pharmacological effects" - wouldn't the FDA love that description?

Then follow a link to one of Dr. Horowitz's personal third party Lifewave promotional sites:


Or visit ANOTHER third party personal promotional web site for Dr. Horowitz:


This will lead you here:


And finally, Dr. Horowitz invites you:

"To visit my corporate LifeWave website"


So our first celebrated doctor and scientist, Dr. Horowitz, is not quite the independent researcher we were hoping to meet. He is a hard core affiliate of Lifewave, with at least two third party promotional sites, his own corporate affiliate site, and numerous other web sites he uses to promote his Lifewave business as "Water patches" with "powerful pharmacological effects".

With doctors like these, who needs the WWSN?

We can't wait to meet the other scientists hired by David Schmidt to enhance the credibility and legitimacy of Lifewave.

Stay tuned!