The Plain Truth
GNC Did NOT Offer David Schmidt $8,000,000 For His Patches
More False Affiliate Marketing Hype

The Lifewave $8,000,000 Urban Legend


Here is an unedited excerpt from a public Lifewave audio file discussing the Lifewave "patent" and the $8,000,000 offer from GNC:

"Then you look at the fact that it's PATENTED, meaning it can't be knocked off, it's not going to show up at the GNC stores or the supermarkets or Cosco or Wal Mart or other network marketing companies, Herbalife, whatever. No, we have the exclusive distribution WORLDWIDE. In fact, David had an $8,000,000 contract from GNC because they desperately wanted product - tore it up, said, 'Nope, it's only going out word-of-mouth, network marketing.' We are at the top."

$8,000,000 GNC Contract

The following are quotes found on various Lifewave affiliate web sites promoting this Urban Legend:

"It is my understanding that they were in negotiations with GNC with a $8M contract to sign and decided instead to take the MLM route. I applaud them for that."

"David at one time had an $8 million dollar contract from GNC on the table. They wanted to market it. They were going to spend millions to advertise it in magazines, direct mail and point of purchase advertising."

"David Schmidt, the Scientist and inventor, was offered 9 million dollars from GNC (General Nutrition Corporation), the largest health food chain in North America, yet he refused the offer for one all important reason. David decided that because LifeWave?s nanotechnology based products use the hottest science on the planet that LifeWave is in all probability the best story product of this decade."

"Maybe David Schmidt hates Big Pharma, I donít know. I do know he tore-up a $8.5 million contract with GNC and was invited back if he ever changed his mind. This product wonít sell if you set it on a shelf."

"David Schmidt declined GNCís $8,000,000 initial offer to carry the patches because he understands that network marketing has the ability to reach a much greater number of people in a much shorter time."

The Plain Truth?

We finally found one honest individual who was willing to tell the truth regarding Lifewave and the GNC company. He explained:

1. GNC agreed to list the product in all corporate stores and to roll it out to the franchisees.

2. The $8 million figure was the projected sales in the first 12 months. We were never offered $8 million, but that was the projected first-year sales. (As we know, the MLM industry loves to expand information to help their individual sales. We work hard to stay factual but cannot cover all areas as you are well aware.)

3. The people involved at GNC included the buyer, the president (who has now left), the PR department, the legal department, and the visual merchandising department.

4. GNC was quite disappointed when we moved from retail to network marketing. They have approached us at the Mr. Olympia show and one other show to see if they can carry the product. Unfortunately, as much as I would like to see that, retail and MLM are not compatible, in that you can do one or the other, but not both at the same time.

We won't even fault the Lifewave company for the hype and exaggeration regarding the GNC connection. But this is a perfect example of what happens when affiliates are allowed to promote rogue web sites and independent "for sale" third party opportunity promotion systems. Stuff that would never be allowed on the corporate web site shows up on wild card Lifewave sites that promote the $8,000,000 GNC myth, promise "boundless energy", say you will "feel great all the time", tell you the patches were invented for the "Navy Seals", sell "RestQuiet" patches not even available through Lifewave, and announce new patches that will increase HGH, collagen, and serotonin, increase muscle growth, and alter brain chemistry.

Why Does Lifewave Allow Third Party Web Sites?

That's easy - because they want this information disseminated, but they don't want to accept responsibility for what is being said. If the FDA should stop by some day and explain that patches which could increase HGH or serotonin would have to be federally regulated and controlled the same as a prescription drug, Lifewave will simply explain that they have no control over non-corporate web sites (even though they do provide corporate sites for sales affiliates).

After all, Lifewave's own corporate PowerPoint demonstration says that Lifewave patches are capable of "transmitting" a biological message for "increasing growth hormone".

Lifewave PowerPoint

Moral of the story?

Don't believe everything you hear about David Schmidt and the Lifewave patch!