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"...our credibility is on the line here"
The Life Wave Healthcare Professionals Forum

Here is an interesting and unedited post from the "Life Wave Healthcare Professionals Forum" regarding the effectiveness of Lifewave patches:

"I have been actively promoting the energy patches for about 6 months. For some reason, although their effect is very obvious on demonstration, after people purchase them, most of the time they are dissapointed and in general people do not feel any effect. I am very involoved and explain to the people not to expect immediate boosts etc, I follow them up to make sure the placement is correct etc. I have sold about 50 packages and have only one person who really feels effect and repurchases. I cant explain this but as physicians, our credibility is on the line here and we need to optimize success rates of these patches. I was wondering if any of the physicians have similar experiences and if anyone could either provide an explanation to this phenomena or provide any suggestions."

Dr Ilan Gruenwald
Rambam Medical Center
Haifa, Israel

A portion of the response from the forum moderator, Dr. Kamnitzer, includes:

"In my experience, only about 15% of people are energetically sensitive enough to feel the real-time energetic shifts from the patches...

Most people will notice the impact only if their systems are stressed to a point that will reveal the "marginal utility" of the patches...so I would recommend the workout test, or have people use it in situations where they normally get stressed or tired at a certain point in their process -- and use that as a baseline for evaluation of patch impact.

As a side note, many people "lose interest" in the patches due to (usually unconsciously) avoiding detoxing and/or confronting repressed/suppressed energies...This is something to consider as well.

In the right context, the patches are VERY POWERFUL."

Dr. Kamnitzer
Forum Moderator

The good Dr. Gruenwald then asks:

"...what you are saying is totally different than what the company claims the patches do, for example- 20-40% more energy per day for anyone, not only athletes etc. I really think it is important to emphasize what you wrote to me- that only about 15% of people are energetically sensitive enough to feel the real-time energetic shifts from the patches...This means that 85% wont feel anything, and I would say thats a huge difference than what people expect to get when they purchase the patches. Why pay $90 a month for a product that doesnt make you feel more energetic? Lets you finish the day more freshly? And if people need to be more hydrated, maybe only the hydration is the effect?

Do you know of any demonstrations other than muscle/tilt tests that could show people the effect of the patches? Have there been any other studies published exept Nazerans, (which I dont see any connection or relation to their claimed "frequency modulation" effect on the membranes to open up to fat molecules)?"

Dr Gruenwald.

Expect to see more and more of this type of feedback as the patches spread across the landscape, farther and farther away from the propaganda machine that sets up and reinforces the placebo power of Lifewave.