MLM or Religious Cult?
A Cult Checklist

What We Know About Lifewave

A lot has been said about Lifewave, their charismatic leader, their pseudoscientific theories and science fiction energy enhancement patches. But what do we REALLY know about the latest MLM nanotechnology product and the people behind it?

Not much. The President of the company and supposed inventor of the Lifewave patch is the "Invisible Man" with no public history of any kind. He has no curriculum vitae, no university degrees, no work experience in any related field, not one instance of research or theories published in any peer reviewed journal, even after many years of developing the patch and after three years of selling it through at least three MLM companies under a variety of names. And David Schmidt's patent application makes no mention of the nanotechnology he claims he utilized in his invention.

Does any body care?

Apparently not. Even honest, ethical and intelligent network marketing professionals we know and respect are so taken by Mr. Schmidt, that they are willing to suspend all due diligence and analysis of the company, the patch, and the inventor.

For this reason and many others, it is quite obvious that Lifewave has become as much an MLM cult as it is an MLM company.

Here are some of the characteristics of a cult followed by ways in which we believe that they apply to Lifewave.

Characteristics of a Destructive Cult:

1. Authoritarian pyramid structure with authority at the top

What did you expect - it's an MLM pyramid! But Lifewave is almost entirely dependent upon the words, wit and wisdom of David Schmidt. Even when one of his disciples (particularly Dr. Steven Haltiwanger) approaches the pulpit, he references and quotes his leader or echoes and repeats other pontifications from the Holy One. David Schmidt has refused to answer due diligence questions they asked us to submit more than 119 days ago and has ordered Lifewave staff to NOT communicate with the WWSN.

2. Charismatic or messianic leader(s) (Messianic meaning they either say they are God OR that they alone can interpret the scriptures the way God intended.....the leaders are self-appointed.)

This is certainly obvious in the Church of Lifewave. David Schmidt has zero credibility and yet the flimsy mythology regarding his involvement with Navy Seals is enough to convince legions of MLM junkies around the world to kneel at his altar and suspend all analytical thinking when it comes to his magic patches. Those who question any of the technobabble and nanospeak that passes for science at Lifewave are derided and attacked or simply ignored and shunned.

3. Deception in recruitment and/or fund raising

Through the use of third-party-for-profit web site promotional operations and innumerable rogue affiliate web pages, Lifewave has managed to promote wild claims about patches that will cause you to have "boundless energy", to "feel great all the time" and create "Supermen" and "Superwomen", increase HGH and serotonin production, alter brain chemistry, produce surgery-free face lifts, and patches that will help you sleep, grow muscles, and stop snoring. This gets the get-rich-quick MLM crowd salivating, signed up and on autoship in a nanosecond. When someone points out that these are illegal claims and red flags for the FDA, they go into "compliance mode" and disown the people that are only repeating what they were told about the patch in the first place.

4. Isolation from society -- not necessarily physical isolation like on some compound in Waco, but this can be psychological isolation -- the rest of the world is not saved, not Christian, not transformed (whatever) -- the only valid source of feedback and information is the group

Utilizing a heavy schedule of telephone conferencing supported by celebrity endorsements and vague references to studies by "major colleges and universities", David Schmidt and Lifewave create a psychological separation from nonbelievers and a religious fervor to promote and sell Lifewave patches to an otherwise uneducated and ignorant world. Affiliates are the "saved" and the rest of the world are the unwashed, waiting for David Schmidt's faithful to bring them into the temple.

5. Use of mind control techniques

Testimonials are the common currency of every MLM pyramid scheme and Lifewave has them by the train load. Celebrity endorsements of every kind give Lifewave, David Schmidt and their patches unwarranted credibility, even though the company has yet to provide even one legitimate independent clinical study after three years of selling the patches in three different MLM programs. When it is revealed that studies such as the ones done at Morehouse College and Troy University were bogus and have been disavowed these institutions, Schmidt's followers dismiss them as "misunderstandings" or even claim that - "All that means is that is Troy State's official position." Olympic endorsements are being removed because of complaints from the athletes, but the hold over his minions is so strong that even these blatant rejections of Lifewave have no impact on the true believers.

Sacred Science: The totalist milieu maintains an aura of sacredness around its basic doctrine or ideology, holding it as an ultimate moral vision for the ordering of human existence questioning or criticizing those basic assumptions is prohibited a reverence is demanded for the ideology/doctrine, the originators of the ideology/doctrine, the present bearers of the ideology/doctrine offers considerable security to young people because it greatly simplifies the world and answers a contemporary need to combine a sacred set of dogmatic principles with a claim to a science embodying the truth about human behavior and human psychology

Lifewave uses the "Sacred Science" of nanotechnology and quantum physics to impress and captivate his followers in convoluted and confusing interpretations of bioscience and chemistry that form a Tower of Babel that no one can understand. David Schmidt's own research and discoveries mystify and entertain his legions by promising much and revealing little. His own patent application says nothing about nanotechnology and Mr. Schmidt has failed to publish anything in any peer reviewed journal in more than three years of "intensive research" into the patch he actually began selling back in 2002.

Loading the Language: Words are given new meanings -- the outside world does not use the words or phrases in the same way -- it becomes a "group" word or phrase

His descriptions of the technology he claims to master features words that are given new meanings and definitions. The Lifewave definition of nanotechnology states:

Nanotechnology is described as "Manufactured products that are made from atoms. The properties of those products depend on how those atoms are arranged. If we rearrange the atoms in coal we can make diamonds. If we rearrange the atoms in sand we can make computer chips. If we rearrange the atoms in dirt, water and air we can make potatoes."

Other words and phrases, such as "resonant energy transfer", "organically constructed nano-antennas", "frequency modulate (FM) human magnetic field", "orthomolecular organic compounds", "electron flow and thermomagnetic frequency modulation", "transport of long chain fatty acids across the Mitochondrial membrane for subsequant beta-oxidation", and "increasing cell motility and cell metabolic rate" (NOTE: These are the original spellings on the corporate web site as authored by David Schmidt) give the appearance of educated and learned men on a quest for scientific discoveries on behalf of all mankind. You should feel fortunate that they take the time to explain it all to you, even if they know you will never understand. You are one of the chosen!

Doctrine Over Person: If one questions the beliefs of the group or the leaders of the group, one is made to feel that there is something inherently wrong with them to even question -- it is always "turned around" on them and the questioner/criticizer is questioned rather than the questions answered directly the underlying assumption is that doctrine/ideology is ultimately more valid, true and real than any aspect of actual human character or human experience and one must subject one's experience to that "truth" the experience of contradiction can be immediately associated with guilt one is made to feel that doubts are reflections of one's own evil when doubt arises, conflicts become intense

Lifewave believers respond to every question or concern by "turning around" the point to make it look like a good thing. For example:

David Schmidt has never published any of his research or theories in peer-reviewed journals - THAT'S GOOD! He's been too busy to waste time on peer review.

Scientific explanations on the corporate site are often written at a third-grader comprehension level - THAT'S GOOD! David Schmidt says there is a Federal law that requires it.

Top Lifewave promoters have recommended buying patches by the flat - THAT'S GOOD! We are preparing for international expansion.

The inventions and discoveries developed by David Schmidt have the power to change the world in ways more powerful and significant than any discovery in the last century; he should already have received a dozen Nobel Prizes, but he remains an unknown in the world of science - THAT'S GOOD! Because David Schmidt is a humble modest man who does not want fame or fortune - he only wants to help his fellow man.

The Lifewave patch has been on the market for more than three years, but it still does not have a patent - THAT'S GOOD! This will prevent others from learning how they are made.

David Schmidt claims to use nanotechnology in designing his patch, but the Lifewave patch patent application never mentions it. THAT'S GOOD! It's proprietary information.

Lifewave's CFO Chief Financial Officer recently filed bankruptcy - THAT'S GOOD! Who doesn't file bankruptcy now and then? This will allow him to focus on Lifewave's finances rather than his own.

Lifewave's top doctor had his license to practice medicine placed on probation - THAT'S GOOD! The medical establishment knows nothing about David Schmidt's cutting-edge technology and science - they're nothing but quacks who don't understand alternative health care.