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Subject: thank you and well done for last week's meeting in Wilts....and an amazing testimonial

I just wanted to write a quick note to share with you what's happening in LIFEWAVE.

Network Marketing is a business built almost exclusively by testimonials since usually the authorities don't allow the companies involved to make any sorts of claims of what the products can really do. So we are forced to market cutting edge products using anecdotal evidence. Lifewave is unusual in this  because it is also conducting double blind placebo studies and is publishing data.

However, using testimonials is actually the best way to market products like LIFEWAVE since in truth personal experiences are always MUCH MORE POWERFUL and convincing than  marketing 'spiel' and products like this need people to share their experiences. They would never sell by sitting on a shelf in a shop.

David Brierley was also telling me about a lady in his team who has had amazing results using the patches on her horses. I don't know the exact details but he said she was able to calm down a difficult young horse which she couldn't 'break' and bring it under control by careful placement of the patches. I can't wait for Lynne to write up her story to share with us. Talking of writing up her story, take a look at this next part...



February 12, 2005

My year with friends in prayer.

I have always enjoyed people and having fun. Then, in March 2004, my life changed when I was told I had 2 types of blood cancer, and I started chemotherapy that day. I was told I needed to come everyday and I did. Yuck! I have been so tired and then other problems started occurring with my body as the drugs started to build up in my system. I kept trying different things to help but the drugs continued to win because they were so strong. When I would tell the doctors of a new problem, it was always a new drug. I have a drawer and a cabinet full!  They're bad news; the kind you get hooked on.

Day by day my energy would drain. We have three flights of stairs in our home and getting up and down them became a problem. I would be so tired my husband would have to help me walk to get around. I broke down and cried at one doctor’s office because it was so awful. Turning over in bed was not happening; the hips were so messed up, it was just too uncomfortable to move.

I would shower and go down stairs and that was about it for my day. Day by day my energy continued to drain.  Just answering the phone had become an effort. Talking was even making me tired. Not fun!

We were talking about selling our home to get a single level home. What’s next?  Do we get a wheel chair?  My life was out of control and everything seemed so dark and gloomy. I was seeing the oncologist once a month and it just kept getting darker and more depressing.

I have been so blessed to have special friends all over, and they understood and kept praying for me. Something had to happen because this has been so awful to feel so low.

Then it happened! In January I received a sweet e-mail from my friend of many years, Mike Holmes. It simply said, “Nancy, go to this website because they have energy patches.”  Maybe it will help you. My husband was in the room with me and we looked at the website and we were impressed. Greg liked it because it talked about strength and endurance. There were famous coaches, body builders, and other elite athletes on the website, and this peeked his interest because he is an assistant strength and conditioning coach for the Denver Broncos. I love to say that!J

I liked the website because it did give me hope that maybe I could have energy again.  So we hit the retail button and ordered the patches. A few days later on January 19th, I was talking to my friend Mike and UPS brought the package. Mike told me to put them on in the morning and let him know how I felt.

So on January 20th 2005, my life changed once again.  This time, for the better.

I woke up, took my shower, and put on the patches. I walked down two flights of stairs and thought that was it for the day. Much to my surprise, I went back upstairs and got the laundry and took it back downstairs and when I was finished I took it back upstairs and put it up. I had not done that in months. I felt so good.  I called Mike and said wow!   I need to sign up and share this with others. Mike was surprised because I had said I would NEVER EVER do networking again. If everyone is not going to win, I don't want any part of it. So Mike said, “Well, I will have Jamie Cotterell call you” Now that is a hard sell. J

Jamie called and what a wonderful, nice person he was and so helpful. What a joy to make new friends and help others. Jamie is a professional beyond words with so much caring and sharing. Mike, thank you for Jamie also. J

So I signed up as gold and got 5 months supply of patches. Greg and I both knew we were never going to be without them.

Saturday we had a lady come in to help clean our home. She had a bad knee. I asked her to try the patches and in 15 minutes she was better.

So I called our chiropractor, Dr. Doug Forsstom, and asked if I could see him Monday. I walked into his office feeling wonderful. He has seen me for 5 years and the past year with me at my worst. He was amazed. He tested me and was very impressed with a little patch. So he talked to Jamie and one of the owners, Warren Hanchey. It was so wonderful to have our doctor know it was true and working.

Before noon, Dr. Forrstom had signed up and now he could share it with others. I loved that because he has helped me so much and now I could share something with him.

On January 27th, I had to go back to the oncologist. Not fun because during the last visit, there was talk of doing another bone marrow aspiration to see what was going on, but off I went. He was amazed at how much my blood had changed. Now it had only been one week to the day I started wearing the patches. He asked what I was doing and I told him. Hum, he said and I told him the discomfort in my kidneys was gone. He had me get on the table and neither my kidneys nor my spleen were swollen. At one time, there was the question that I may need to have them removed. Then the old tummy check. For 3 years I have had such a torn up tummy, I could hardly eat. It was fine and has been every since January 20th when I put on my first patch.

The oncologist was so amazed that I don't have to go back for 3 months. I cried for 2 days. Thank you God for friends and their willingness to share new ideas.

The next week I went to see my surgeon; he is also an oncologist. I took my blood work and he also was amazed. I told him about the patches and before I left he was wearing them along with the other surgeon.

The final call was to my primary doctor who gets my reports from the oncologist.  She called and asked what was going on because it was such a turn around. I told her about the patches and she went to the website.

It is now week 3, and I have people saying my voice is like it used to be. I look better and on and on. I had one man and woman praying with me all year. He called and left a message and said that before the patches I would not answer the phone and now he can't get me off of it.

I am on a mission to help others as prayers have been answered for me. To free up my time, my loving husband has chosen to eat T. V. dinners, and I am on the phone and computer calling and e-mailing everyone about this incredible technology.

Thank you everyone for giving me my life back and for such a driven purpose to help others. What would we do without friends and prayers?


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Thanks for reading to the end. I know it was worth it and just goes to show you don't have to be a top athlete to benefit from this technology.