Lifewave's "HotIce" aka "IceWave" Thermal Patches
A "Unique Nanotechnology Product"?
Where can we buy them? And why should we want to?
Lifewave's "HotIce" aka "IceWave" Thermal Patches

Remember all the fanfare and hoopla surrounding the introduction of the "HotIce Thermal Patch"?

Near as can be told from the corporate web site, it was the same old "Energy Enhancement" patch in a new box.

But where can you buy this exciting new patch?

You cannot purchase them from the "Products" link on the corporate site. So we logged on to the members area and went to the "Products" section - still no "HotIce" patches for sale.

Obvious conclusion? They WERE nothing but the same old patches in a new box introduced around the time Lifewave sought and received FDA classification as a "Type 1 Medical Device" (as a 'thermal patch'). It also gave them an opportunity to 'pitch the patch' to various high schools, colleges and sports organizations as an FDA approved non-transdermal patch.

Once they successfully pulled the wool over everybody's eyes (including the FDA), the cost of repackaging and marketing the identical patch in a new box under a new name must have exceeded any financial benefits from doing so.

So they dropped the product.

The Emperor's New Clothes times ten. What a farce!

We recently received an e-mail at the WWSN that contained this unedited quote:

"Incidentally, I was told that the Energy Patch is also the Thermal Patch: only difference is the name, not the ingredients........That befuddled me and caused my MLM radar to be on high alert."

So the "Energy Enhancement Patch", that will increase your energy, stamina, strength and endurance by 40% in ten minutes or less, is the SAME patch once promoted as the "HotIce Thermal Patch" and now listed as the "LifeWave IceWave Thermal Patches", described thusly:

Provides minor relief for athletes with sore muscles, sprains, strains and other sports injuries due to intense exercise.

The new IceWave Thermal Patch™ from LifeWave is a unique nanotechnology product.

The unique nature of the patches provides the body with an immediate thermal effect.

As shown in the actual before and after pictures below, the reduction of "hot spots" is clearly evident.

Local thermal effects include the restoration of temperature in an injured area to normal; reduced pain, and restoration of range of motion to the specific injured site.

LifeWave patches have been found in studies to have excellent results with minor muscle spasms and injury, and minor muscle spasms.

A "unique nanotechnology product"? Gimme a break...

You gotta wear hip-waders, the honey and molasses is getting so thick around this phony product, pyramid scheme company and bogus inventor.

We KNOW that some of you folks believe in David Schmidt and have the best of intentions. But how much rope are you willing to give Schmidt - before he hangs you all out to dry? You HAVE ethics and morals - at what point do you choose to implement them?

Or do you simply put on your blinders, pocket the profits, dismiss professional standards, and follow Schmidt like lemmings into the sea?

The FTC states that your responsibilities as a distributor include:

Your Responsibilities

If you decide to become a distributor, remember that you're legally responsible for the claims you make about the company, its product and the business opportunities it offers. That applies even if you're simply repeating claims you read in a company brochure or advertising flyer.

When you promote the qualities of a product or service, you're obligated to present those claims truthfully and to ensure there's enough solid evidence to back them up. The Federal Trade Commission advises you to verify the research behind any claims about a product's performance before repeating those claims to a potential customer.

Lotions and Potions: The Bottom Line About Multilevel Marketing Plans

Notice that phrase "legally responsible"? Is there enough "solid evidence" available to back up the claims made by David Schmidt and Lifewave? Can you even begin to "verify the research" behind the claims being made by Lifewave? There is virtually none - he's been selling these goofy patches for more than four years and has yet to conduct even one independent clinical study that would prove his patches do anything but empty your bank account.

New Years Resolution: Stop promoting and selling David Schmidt's fraudulent placebo-based patches!

"All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing."

So do something, already!

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