Award Winning Author,

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz


"Walk on Water"

The "LIFEWAVE" Revolution

Based on His Latest of Fifteen Books Including

DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral; Healing Celebrations, and his

2006 forthcoming release: Walk on Water


October 17, 2005

7:00 PM


Embassy Suites

901 E. Calaveras Blvd.

Milpitas, CA 95035

Contact: Drew Davis

(510)494-5500 ext.4


Call it the "Messianic Age," the "Age of Enlightenment," the "Grand Paradigm Shift," or the "Millennium of World Peace," something spiritually unprecedented is happening. This is your chance to learn how and why people everywhere are beginning to "surf" the grand "LIFEWAVE" of LOVE to the shores of world peace, health, and prosperity. Others will drown in the same old patterns of fear, failure, guilt, greed, and scarcity consciousness. What will you do?


This awesome and freeing presentation by American healthcare's most captivating and controversial speaker, a Harvard-educated master of public health, behavioral science, and natural healing expert, explains the mechanics, mathematics, and music of Divinity. This EVOLUTIONARY INTELLIGENCE is critical for LIFEWAVE, LLC’s forthcoming mega-success and worldwide contributions. Come learn about the "Human Software' Revolution."


Be prepared to have this seminar change your life and creative self-expression to help you fulfill your Divine destiny!


Dr. Horowitz will share:


§   Some of the most fascinating and exiting scientific and Biblical revelations you have ever heard including sacred secreted truths that hold the power to set you optimally free!

§   The risks of drugs and vaccinations, and facts about natural healing, that government officials and medical doctors don't know or tell.

§   Pioneering research for physical salvation & spiritual evolution.

§   Sound advice to safeguard your family’s health, boost natural immunity, and reverse life-threatening diseases through low cost, low risk, and highly effective alternatives.

§   All about LIFEWAVE, LLC’s “human software” technology; and

§   How to best acquire the “wealth of the wicked” stored up the “meek” in these “End (or beginning) Times.”


Note: This program is sponsored by Healing Celebrations, LLC, Tetrahedron Press, and Area Members of LIFEWAVE, LLC.