FDA Approved!

We Told You So...

The WWSN predicted that once Lifewave got their patches approved as a "Type One Medical Device", the word would go out that David Schmidt had acquired FDA Approval for his honey and molasses nanoantennas invention. You may reference our earlier report entitled Lifewave & FDA Registration to see why we saw this charade coming from miles away. Here is how one leading Lifewave affiliate announced "FDA Approval" for Lifewave patches:

We are looking forward to the day when the FDA decides to really take a look at the illegal health claims being made by Lifewave, such as:

"...we can also, for example:

  • Increase muscle mass by "turning off" a regulatory protein known as myostatin
  • Induce a state of calm sleep by "turning on" production of serotonin
  • Improve old age by "turning on" the pituitary into making more hGH
  • Improve memory, intelligence and focus by moving acetlycholine between the left and right brain
  • Increase collagen production for surgery-free face lifts
  • And dozens of other metabolic processes
Should the FDA actually start doing their job, our Checkmate pilots better fasten their seat belts and be ready for a crash landing!

In the meantime, stop by the FTC website Operation Cure-All and file a complaint.

"Looking to cure a serious ailment? Unfortunately, consumers spend millions of dollars every year on unproven - and often useless - health products and services. Health fraud trades on false hope. It promises quick cures for dozens of medical conditions - from arthritis and obesity to osteoporosis, cancer and AIDS.

Fraudulently marketed health products can keep people from the medical treatment they need, and some can cause serious harm."

Operation Cure-All