"Is there a Doctor in the house?"
Dr. David Schmidt
"Paging Dr. Schmidt - Dr. Schmidt - Please report to the nanotechnology lab - STAT!"

Is Lifewave Inventor David Schmidt Really a Doctor - of Anything?

Who can say for sure? In more than a year, Mr. Schmidt has been unable or unwilling to produce a curriculum vitae, the way that Dr. Haltiwanger and others at Lifewave have done. Most professionals who acquire the status and title of "Dr." do so through many years of intensive study and hard work. They are rightfully proud of their achievements and glad to list the universities or colleges they attended and the degrees they were awarded.

David Schmidt adamantly refuses to do so. There can only be one reason why he will not provide a standard curriculum vitae that would establish his credibility for once and for all - he obviously has NO higher education (other than a two year degree in Business Administration from Pace University).

And yet, David Schmidt signed documents filed with the Federal Government that claimed his title and name to be "Dr. David Schmidt". In his original patent application in the year 2002 he submitted documents to the Patent Office that included a letter he signed as "Dr. David Schmidt". To the right you can see his signature and if you would like to see the complete document, click here.

You may also go to:


Type in 60413617 into the Application Number Field, then hit the Submit button. Then select the Image File Wrapper tab. That will let you view and download the various parts of his provisional patent application including his signed cover letter.

With all of his research, development and discoveries in the fields of nanotechnology and biochemistry, perhaps Mr. Schmidt fancies himself a "doctor" of physics, chemistry, or biology. Here's how he describes the invention he hopes to patent in his application:

"Disclosed is a new and novel method for the fabrication of novel devices, with said novel devices consisting of a novel collection of components arranged for the purpose of producing a specific effect. The novel devices of the present invention may consist of any number of variations and embodiments within the scope of the present invention."

The Title given for his invention is:

"Novel devices composed of orthomolecular and/or non-orthomolecular organic materials capable of thermomagnetic levororotary action and/or thermomagnetic dextrorotatory action"

Best of all David Schmidt writes:

"Indeed, the normal expectations of such a proposal would be that the structures of the present invention should have no effect or advantage."

Finally, something about which we and Dr. David Schmidt can agree about!

David Schmidt is obviously NOT a scientist, he is NOT an inventor, and he most certainly is NOT a doctor by any definition of the word. And yet, so many will continue to follow him like lemmings into the MLM ocean, afraid to question him, afraid to challenge his claims, afraid to document and verify his background and history. Just remember:

He who does not study and learn from history is doomed to repeat it.

David Schmidt is the new millennium's answer to Jim Fobair and Lifewave patches are the modern equivalent to the OneSource Laundry CD. History is repeating itself and many will pay a heavy price for their failure to do some homework and perform proper due diligence.