Lifewave Energizes the NFL
Denver Broncos "Swear by them!"
NTA-1000 Testing

A Lifewaver calling himself "Dr. Doug" at DrForsstrom@aol.com wrote:

"I just got done running a NTA-1000 test on a Bronco player for the best patch placement and we have a hand full of Broncos wearing the patches and they swear by them. We have countless professional athlete that swear by them so these people, the nay sayers can profess what ever they want to make LW look bad but they are the ones that are full of it."

Watch out Super Bowl - here come the Denver Broncos!

Seriously now, if the Broncos came onto the football field and they were all wearing Lifewave patches, how could any other NFL team have a chance in heck of scoring a point? A TEAM increase in energy, strength, endurance and stamina of 40%? They would be unstoppable - if the patches really worked as claimed.

And forget about spending $40 million dollars to pick up that talented quarterback from the Chicago Bears - any Alabama high school quarterback can run 40% faster and throw 40% farther than Brett Favre, as long as he's wearing Lifewave patches. Offer him $50,000 a year, a new Escalade SUV, and a 60 gig I-Pod, and you'll be goin' to the Super Bowl in 2006!