David Schmidt's North Georgia Think Tank

The Mythology of David Schmidt

By now you've probably heard stories about David Schmidt and the Navy Seals, how he developed an "amazing oxygen generator" for the U.S. Navy, joined the "Inventors Clubs of America", and went on to join a "think tank" in Georgia that led him to the development of his infamous Lifewave Patches.

If you're one of the Lifewave Faithful, you've never bothered to inquire about the details or specifics for any of these achievements, which is just as well because none are available. The story of David Schmidt is a patchwork of white lies and unverifiable tall tales fed to the gullible lemmings who want so hard to believe that Mr. Schmidt really IS a scientist and his energy patches really DO work as he claims, that they will accept without question anything they are told about their fearless leader.

Just in case you're interested, here's some additional information Lifewave will never give you regarding David Schmidt's involvement with the North Georgia "think tank":

Fast forward 10 years. I am now living the Atlanta, GA area and as opportunity would have it I decide to join up with a local inventors club called "The Inventors Clubs of America" owned and run by Dr. Alex Marinachio. Dr. Alex becomes immediately intrigued with my inventions and we become fast friends. He nominates me for an award to the International Hall of Fame and I receive an Advanced Technology Award for my invention of "Sea-Ment" a catalyst for forming a new type of cement based on sea water. As a result of receiving this award I am approached by a group interested in taking my inventions to market. The deal sounds good so I join this North Georgia think tank and off we go.

The reason why I accepted this opportunity was because some of the people that I had a chance to work with came out of star wars missile defense and other military projects. We were designing new technology for both commercial and military applications.

This is the story of how the LifeWave technology came to be. It's fascinating!

This "think tank" goes by the name of:

Advanced Applications Group
103 Chestatee Industrial Park Drive
Dahlonega, GA 30533-5953

This was quite handy for David, as it was only 39.44 miles from his home in Buford, Georgia, a little ways northeast of Atlanta. Looks like two people came to work this day!

One of the several "Lifewave" domains that Mr. Schmidt owns includes the following information:


LifeWave Products, LLC
4168 Chatham Point Way
Buford, GA 30518

(David Schmidt's home address, of course)

Administrative Contact :
LifeWave Products, LLC
4168 Chatham Point Way
Buford, GA 30518

(David's address and e-mail address at aagideas.com)

Technical Contact :
10800 Alpharetta Highway
Suite 208-400
ROSWELL, GA 30076-1474

Mr. Schriner is still employed at AAG:

Winton Schriner at AAGideas.com

Mr. Schriner apparently still administrates and/or hosts some of David Schmidt's secondary Lifewave web sites, as well.

Take another good look at the AAG headquarters pictured above and surf through the AAGideas.com home site. It's easy to see why the U.S. Navy came looking for these guys to develop cutting edge equipment and tools for the Navy Seals. And it's all a part of the mythology of David G. Schmidt.